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Jennifer is an experienced stylist and has been in the industry for almost 10 years. She has a vast knowledge of everything hair, having trained in Ireland and Australia.

Jennifer loves it all - barbering, creative cuts & colour, and up-styling. She's the Queen of Balayage too, don't you know! She is a dedicated and passionate hairdresser who cares about each individual client.

Her extensive product knowledge enables her to create a unique take home package that allows your hair to remain at it's best long after you've left the salon. Pop in to see her anytime and let the hair magic happen!


Cut/ 70 (Women + Men)
Maintenance/ 50 (31 days or less)
Wash & Blow-dry/ 50
Wash & Style/ 55
Upstyle/ 95
Root retouch (no lightening)/ 90+
Root retouch lightening/ 125+
All over colour (no pre lightening)/ 100+
All over colour lighten + tone/ 150+
Partial highlights/ 120+
Full head highlights/ 160+
Highlights + base change/ 160+
Balayage/Ombre/ 160+
Toner or gloss/ 50+
All over lighten + rainbow colours/ 150+
Olaplex/ 30+ (with additional service)
Colour correction - 100-150/hour
Rainbow - by consultation only

*Please note: When booking a Balayage and/or Full Head Highlight appointment a $50.00 deposit will be required. A full refund will be issued if cancellation of the appointment is within 48hrs.

**Consultations are always free

***Price increase with density and/or length of hair

If you have thick hair that may require more time, please call us to book in the extra time. It cannot be done via online booking