Cut/ 70
Maintenance/ 50 (31 days or less)
Wash & Blow-dry/ 50
Wash & Style/ 55
Root retouch (no lightening)/ 90+
Root retouch lightening/ 125+
All over color (no pre lightening)/ 100+
All over color lighten + tone/ 120+
Partial highlights/ 120+
Full head highlights/ 160+
Highlights + base change/ 160+
Balayage/Ombre/ 150+
Toner or gloss/ 50+
All over lighten + rainbow colours/ 130+
Olaplex/ 30+ (with additional service)
Colour correction - 100-120/hour
Rainbow - by consultation only

*Please note: When booking a Balayage and/or Full Head Highlight appointment a $50.00 deposit will be required. A full refund will be issued if cancellation of the appointment is within 24hrs.

**Consultations are always free

***Price increase with density and/or length of hair

If you have thick hair that may require more time, please call us to book in the extra time. It cannot be done via online booking